San Diego Pride announces theme for 2017 celebration

This year's Pride celebration in San Diego will have the theme "Allied in Action: United for Justice."

National and international LGBT rights are uncertain at best, given the changes brought about by the recent election, and as such our solidarity at the intersection of social justice movements is clearly vital to the success of our community’s ability to advance.

The marginalization of women, communities of color, seniors, people with disabilities, immigrants, religious minorities, and other oppressed communities is compounded exponentially when those identities are combined, and even more so when they include those who are transgender, bisexual, lesbian, or gay.

The systems that oppress our groups can only be dismantled through joint efforts, and the creation of systems that lift us collectively to progress can only truly thrive if undertaken with unified intention.

At times, even dissonance within the LGBT community itself can impede our pursuit of equality, whether caused by the gay and lesbian divide, bi-erasure, or transphobia. Therefore, showing unity through and with diversity is paramount to prosperity.

It is with this in mind that we are proud to announce San Diego Pride’s 2017 theme: 

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